NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) has rules about how much providers can charge for supports and services. These rules are called NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, previously known as the NDIS Price Guide. They help participants and disability support providers understand how prices are controlled in the NDIS.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Price Regulation: The NDIS sets rules to make sure participants get good value for the supports they receive.
  2. Support Catalogue: This lists all the supports providers can offer when they ask for payment. It also shows the maximum prices (price limits) for each support item and the types of claims allowed (like travel or non-face-to-face).
  3. Negotiating Prices: Providers can charge lower prices if agreed upon by participants. But they must follow the rules outlined in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits when delivering supports to NDIS-managed or plan-managed participants.
  4. Regular Updates: The NDIA regularly updates pricing arrangements to keep them fair and up-to-date.
NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits

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You can find the latest NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2023-24 on the NDIA website, along with other documents like the Support Catalogue and addendums.

These addendums include:

  • Bereavement Addendum: Lists support items for providers to claim after a participant has passed away.
  • COVID Addendum: Contains temporary measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Home and Living Demonstration Projects Addendum: Supports the implementation of specific projects.
  • Group and Centre Based Social and Community Participation Supports Transition: Explains changes in pricing arrangements for certain supports.
  • Assistive Technology, Home Modifications and Consumables Code Guide: Lists commonly used supports.
  • Pricing Arrangements for Specialist Disability Accommodation: Summary of prices for SDA.
  • Disability Support Worker Cost Model: Estimation of costs for delivering support hours.

The NDIA regularly reviews and updates these pricing arrangements to meet the needs of participants, families, carers, and providers, ensuring they remain affordable and effective for all Australians now and in the future.

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