Perth Escape Room

Perth Escape Room

Perth Escape Room

In 2023, here are 10 Perth escape rooms you’ll want to try

Are you willingly locking yourself in a room without an escape route

You’ll be immersed in scenarios based around being trapped during this night of adventure. It is possible to choose between horror-themed rooms like Buried Alive or trivia-themed rooms involving heists. Some Disney-themed rooms are even available for the more easily frightened.

Gather your brightest friends and take on Perth’s finest escape rooms. Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew.

Glowing Rooms

Hamilton Hill

Glowing Rooms, Perth’s favorite glow-in-the-dark mini golf, has launched a series of virtual reality escape rooms. You will work together in the virtual world to pick up clues and solve mysteries within a limited timeframe. The cutting-edge VR experiences will throw you headfirst into situations far beyond what you’d find in a standard escape room because they don’t rely on real world limitations.

Escape This

Northbridge and Perth

Escape This is the largest addition to Perth’s escape room scene. A cracking lineup of hour-long escape rooms is on offer at both locations, one smack bang in the middle of Northbridge and the other in Perth’s CBD. If you are looking for a real challenge, check out the Dracula escape room: it has an escape rate of 1%, so bring along your most cunning friends. Go for family-friendly games like Pirates or The Wizard’s Chamber if you’re easily scared or if you want to bring the kids. 

Mystic Clue


Would you like to be a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? Visit Mystic Clue’s Rivervale escape rooms to crack the Magician’s Code. Maybe you’re just really good at breaking into things? You’ll have to crack your way into the vault of a madman who promises to cause havoc around the world. The best escape rooms in Perth can be found at Mystic Clue, regardless of what you prefer.



Realmz owner Glen Martin has a background in animatronics, model making, and computer game design, so it comes as no surprise his escape rooms are some of Perth’s most popular. Featuring fully immersive, custom-designed rooms ranging from medium to hard difficulty, Realmz’s fully immersive, custom-designed rooms will be sure to delight. 

Escape Hunt


You’ll put your brain to the test at Escape Hunt in Fremantle, which offers several different escape rooms and two outdoor puzzle quests. You can race against the clock in Spy Mission or celebrate how awesome Disney movies are in Aladdin and the Magic Vault. For the outdoor experiences, puzzlers use geolocation technology to crack codes and complete missions across the city.

Ultimate Roomscape


It might not be for those who get scared easily, but if you have nerves of steel, Ultimate Roomscape is right up your alley. With rooms like Viral Outbreak and Mental Perception, you’ll have to find your way out of the commotion in 60 minutes or less. Make sure you check out the Pipeline room with your friends if you’re super competitive. In this game, you will form teams and race against one another to escape the room first – word on the street is that it’s very challenging.

Strike Escape Rooms

Carousel, Forest Chase, Karrinyup

Try Strike at Carousel, Forest Chase, or Karrinyup if you prefer your escape rooms with a side of karaoke, bowling, or mini golf. The two rooms are Casino Heist and Injustice, and if you’re good, you’ll be back out enjoying some crazy cocktails and putt-putt in no time. Keep an eye out for their new CBD location in Forrest Chase with more nail-biting escape rooms.

Time’s Up


Wanneroo’s Time’s Up Escape Rooms certainly serves up a challenge with a 41% escape rate. There are four indoor rooms, as well as two outdoor experiences, and they are highly rated by Perth escape room fans. Also, you can find them in Bunbury, if you’re in the southern part of the country.  



You can hunt down a serial killer in one of Confined’s scary escape rooms for the more mature among us. There is a Laser Maze room that looks like something out of a Mission Impossible movie — definitely a stretch before that one — and VR games with an omnidirectional treadmill that give you the ultimate sense of reality.

Lost Reality


At Lost Reality, you can choose from four different escape rooms, each taking about 60 minutes depending on your skill level. The activities are sure to challenge your problem-solving skills as well as your ability to work in a team. Looking to step into an ice and fire kingdom inspired by Game Of Thrones? You can fight off the long night by playing The Frozen King. 

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