Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail

No trial fees. Only camping fees in some places.
12 Sections
No trail fees. Only camping fees in some places.
Easy access from Alice Springs
Water tanks at each trailhead
Best time to walk – April-August
Worst Time: Oct-Feb
Good trail facilities.
Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail Sections

Section 1Telegraph StationSimpson Gap
Section 2Simpson Gap Jay Creek
Section 3Jay Creek Standley Chasm
Section 4Standley Chasm  Birthday Waterhole
Section 5Birthday Waterhole Hugh Gorge
Section 6Hugh Gorge Ellery Creek
Section 7Ellery Creek Serpentine Gorge
Section 8Serpentine Gorge  Serpentine Chalet Dam
Section 9Serpentine Chalet Dam Ormiston Gorge
Section 10Ormiston Gorge Finke River
Section 11Finke River Redbank Gorge
Section 12Redbank Gorge 
Larapinta Trail


Overnight Walk Options

On the trail, the Overnight Walk Options listed below last 1-2 nights (or 2-3 days). If you have only a short amount of time to walk the trail, these walk options are ideal for weekend excursions. It is important to consider drop-off and pick-up points at the start and finish points of all sections and walk options.

Key Points

  • Mostly moderate to hard walks
  • 23km-45km / 2-3 days/ 1-3 nights
  • Good weekend walk options
  • Access one of the main considerations
  • Spectacular scenic attractions along these trek options

Day Walk Options

Due to their easy vehicle accessibility to the start and finish points, the following Day Walk Options are among the most popular. There is a wide range of difficulty, challenges, and attractions on all of them. Almost all of the walks listed below are loop walks with the same start and finish points.

Key Points

  • Moderate to Very Hard walk
  • options.9km-23km / 6-12 hour walk options
  • Easy vehicle access to start and finish points
  • Medium to long distance options
  • Spectacular scenery

Multiday Walk Options

With Multi-Day Options, you can explore some of the best sections of the Larapinta Trail. If you have 4-6 days available to walk the Larapinta Trail, these options are ideal for you. Many walkers will consider access to trailheads when choosing their starting and finishing points (and their walks).

Key Points

  • One of the best ways to experience the trail
  • 40km-110km / 4-6 days/ 3-5 nights
  • Excellent walk options for scenery, challenges & experiences
  • Access ( pick up/drop off points) one of the main considerations
  • Spectacular scenic attractions along these trek options

Extended Walk Options

For those who have between 7-12 days to experience the best of the Larapinta Trail, the Extended Walks listed below are excellent options. There are usually six to ten sections in these options and a lot of ground is covered. The Extended Walk Options are an excellent substitute for the End to End (223km) walk option because they allow you to see some of the best parts of the trail without walking the entire distance.

Key Points

  • 110km-180km / 7-12 days / 8-11 nights
  • Excellent options for experiencing the trail
  • Suited to experienced, fit walkers only
  • Self-reliance is essential
  • Great scenery, varying difficulty grades, many different options

End-to-End Options

Larapinta Trail’s End to End (E2E) full traverse of all 12 sections is one of its best trek options. The Larapinta Trail offers a variety of landscapes, challenges, and rewards for walkers. It is a challenging and rewarding long distance trek that requires a high level of fitness, experience, and preparation. As one of Australia’s best long distance treks, it can be completed comfortably over 15-16 days, depending on your fitness level and time constraints.

 The full 223km walk
 12-20 days
 Experienced, fit walkers only
Self reliance is essential
Linked trail & off track options

Off Track Options

Off track options in the West Macs NP
Trekking Mount Zeil
Trekking Mount Giles & Ormiston Pound
Chewings Range Traverse
Important considerations

Getting Here

Regular flights to Alice Springs from most capital cities by Qantas
Qantas and Virgin are the only airlines that fly to Alice Springs
Trail transfers are available from Alice Springs
Alice Springs can be accessed by road, air or rail
Alice Springs is more than 500km away from Uluru
There is a wide range of accommodation options
There are many other tourism related activities in the area

Food Considerations

There are very few places to buy food along the trail ( see below)
Alice Springs has a number of supermarket & stores for food purchases
Food drop services are offered by some local businesses’s
There are two official food storage areas along the Larapinta Trail
You will need a key for these official storage sheds ( see below)
If you cache your food, protect the cache well from dingoes
You will need to carry most of your rubbish
There are only 4 rubbish points along the trail. (See below)
Please DO NOT burn or bury rubbish!

Water Considerations

NTPWS (Park Rangers) maintain trailhead water tanks
There are water tanks at each trailhead and at intermediate points
DO NOT use trailhead water for washing clothes!!
Treat any water you source along the trail including tank water
There are natural water sources but they are very unreliable
Carry a minimum of 6litres of water per day
Rehydrate your body each night/morning at the trailheads

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